Question: How Hot Was Scottsdale Today?

How hot does Scottsdale get in the summer?

Scottsdale has highs in the 100s Fahrenheit on most days during summer.

The 100-degree weather usually begins in May and can persist until September.

In some years, even a day in October reaches 100 degrees..

What was the temperature yesterday in Arizona?

Phoenix Weather History for the Previous 24 HoursConditionsTimeTempVisibility8:03 pm104 °F6 mi7:51 pm109 °F8 mi6:51 pm109 °F10 mi25 more rows

What’s the highest temperature in the world right now?

Currently, the highest officially registered temperature is 56.7C (134F), recorded in California’s Death Valley back in 1913. The hottest known temperature in Africa is 55C (131F) recorded in Kebili, Tunisia in 1931. Iran holds Asia’s hottest official temperature of 54C (129F) which it recorded in 2017.

Is it too hot in Arizona?

Originally Answered: Is Arizona too hot to live in? ? It depends on you. Yes it can be hot here; However, it can be quite temperate the fall, winter and spring. The rest of the time, you go out early in the morning and due to the dry desert air the temperature can be quite cool.

What is the hottest state in the US?

Hottest States in the U.S.Florida. Florida is the hottest state in the U.S., with an average annual temperature of 70.7°F. … Hawaii. Hawaii is the second-hottest state in the United States, with an average annual temperature of 70.0°F. … Louisiana. … Texas. … Georgia.

What is the hottest day on record in Phoenix AZ?

June 26, 1990On June 26, 1990, Phoenix hit 122 degrees, the hottest temperature ever recorded in the city.

Is Arizona heat unbearable?

For me the heat in Phoenix is not unbearable. There are many options to get out of it as everything here is air conditioned. The real heat lasts 2 – 3 months (July, August September). Yes, June and September can get hot, but not the searing heat (115 – 118) of the other months.

Is it expensive to live in Scottsdale?

Scottsdale’s housing expenses are 44% higher than the national average and the utility prices are 8% lower than the national average. Transportation expenses like bus fares and gas prices are 2% higher than the national average. Scottsdale has grocery prices that are 5% higher than the national average.

Is Scottsdale too hot in June?

June can be very hot during the day, but nights and evenings are fairly decent. This is because of our famous “dry” heat. Humidity increases in July.

What is the highest recorded temperature in Arizona?

128 degrees FahrenheitThe current heat wave is expected to be at its most intense and most widespread through Saturday, threatening to surpass the highest temperatures ever recorded in Arizona (128 degrees Fahrenheit) and Nevada (125). The world record of 134 degrees — which is now questioned — was set in Death Valley in California in 1913.

What was the high temperature in Scottsdale today?

High 109F. Winds SW at 10 to 15 mph. Clear skies.

How hot was Scottsdale yesterday?

Scottsdale Weather History for the Previous 24 HoursConditionsComfortTimeTempWind7:53 pm107 °F7 mph6:53 pm109 °F10 mph5:53 pm111 °F12 mph21 more rows

Is 2020 the hottest summer in Phoenix?

Summer 2020 is also officially the hottest summer on record for Phoenix. The average temperature for the month of August reached 99.1 degrees.

Is Scottsdale too hot in July?

Yes, it will be very hot in Scottsdale during July but we do not have that awful sticky heat that you found in Florida. It truly is a dry heat – even with the humidity we get during monsoon season, there is no comparison to the humidity you must endure elsewhere in the country.

Is Scottsdale a good place to live?

Scottsdale is known as a great place for those who want to raise a family. It has an abundance of safe suburban areas, low crime, and some of the best schools in the state. It’s also ideal for young adults just starting out. … Those who love nature will enjoy Scottsdale, which has some of the best trails in the country.

How hot does Scottsdale AZ get?

In Scottsdale, the summers are sweltering and dry, the winters are cool, and it is mostly clear year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 44°F to 106°F and is rarely below 36°F or above 111°F.

How many days is 100 degrees in Phoenix?

Phoenix broke records in 2020 for the most 95-degree days (172), 100-degree days (145), 105-degree days (102), 110-degree days (53) and 115-degree days (14) in a year.

Does Phoenix ever snow?

Does it snow in Phoenix? It rarely, if ever, snows in Phoenix. The largest recorded snowfall was way back in 1937 when one inch of snow fell on the city. Since then, trace amounts have fallen, except in 1990 when 0.4 inches fell in December.

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